The Castle

My space, my way

With her gone, the place is mine.

With her gone, I have the ability to shape it.

Home is supposed to be your sanctuary. Your place to rest, relax, and recharge, so that you can get ready to go out and face the world another day…knowing you can come home and let your guard down and just enjoy the company of your family upon your return.

How can you do that when you’re afraid of doing or saying something, and than having to deal with an upset tyrant of a spouse? -Hawaiian Libertarian

Before, I’d be happy to come home because of her. I was happy to relax, talk, screw and all the stuff marriage was about. Then it got testy. Then it got nasty. Then she bolted.

It was ours. A lot of the decorating was her, but it wasn’t like I was pushed out to a single room.

Now the castle is without the princess, and it feels much better. As good as it can be under the circumstances.

King of the Castle.

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One Response to The Castle

  1. I know you’d like to defend your maple-syrup drinking breathern up North who can’t even figure out how to win in the Olympics THEY host when they spend 9 months of the year playing Winter sports, but… let’s face it, the only thing Canada can do right is health care and a balanced immigration policy. That’s it!

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