Nostalgia, Lesbians and Irresponsibility

And now! The conclusion of “If I Didn’t Come Back, What Would You Do?”

So, yes, the Ex decided to not come home. Apparently, the call of nostalgia, lesbians and irresponsibility beat out all else. She’s screwed over a lot of people, including her best friend in Utah, who is now my best friend in Utah. She and her boyfriend came over for a bit, bringing beer, video games and support. That morning was spent running around dealing with money and debts. Visiting banks, paying off memberships I wouldn’t be using anymore and talking with the apartment people. I only had a few hours sleep before that, even with a boatload of drowsy inducing pills.

Bitches be crazy.

The good news of all this, other than having her out, is I get to road trip home. I’ll see some friends, visiting a shitload of places I haven’t been before and just generally enjoy life. Also, the start of the road trip will be when I reveal myself. Inspired by Roosh, it was something I had hoped to do after flying home, but instead my first posts of the new blog will chronicle the 10 day or so trip back to my folk’s place.

And yes, I’ll approach like a motherfucker wherever I go, especially in New Orleans.

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