“About Time You Picked Up Your Phone, Asshole!”

I slept around ten hours. A long time for me. Its the meds. Small price to pay for losing your life long fear of everything.

When I awoke, LP was calling. I ignored it.

On the way to NE’s job to drop her off, I texted “sup” to LP when sitting at a stop light. She immediately called. I ignored it since NE was already chatting up a storm to one of her friends.

After dropping off NE, I called LP.

“About time you picked up your phone, asshole!”


She had called the first time because she was lost in the city. I don’t know how you can be lost in this city. It’s like driving on grid paper. No crazy shit like Toronto or LA.

We talked for a minute or two, then she had to get off the phone due to a pestering passenger. She requested I call her.

I will.


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1 Response to “About Time You Picked Up Your Phone, Asshole!”

  1. Simon Rierdon says:

    Harmonica, go to my site and click on the contact Simon link, I might be able to help.

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