Jump In

Dagonet wrote an inspiring post on a day that’s been less than fun for me. Lack of sleep plus just all around feeling like shit had me on edge. The only redeeming factor of it, aside from some very good old friends I’ve leaned on, was that I got some overtime and pumped out some good private writing. Being at work allows me to push with my new personality more than being at home. Though I have been much more of an ass to the Near-Ex. Keeps her on her toes makes me happy.

In the spirit of jumping in, when LP texted once again and gave her typical two or three texts of flakering, I thought fuck it and sent her:

So do I need to take you out a few times or can we just have fun when I have the time?

What do I have to lose, really? If she’s not going to get in, she’s out. No time for this shit.

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