When White Knights Attack

“They’re going to put him in his place,” she said.

The Near-Ex was talking about a guy she knows. PTSD, I’ll call him. A guy with no game and a low SMV.

The reason for putting him in his place is that he’s bothering the young, single mother whore of the NE’s social circle, which has combined with that of PTSD’s. PTSD’s history with women include being cheated on and being fucked around with mentally. So, of course, what better way to teach him a lesson than to fuck with his head and tell him he isn’t good enough for the town’s latrine.

PTSD’s “friends” plan on beating him up with pads. For a chick who’s had more meat in her than a competitive hot dog eater. Who’s crashed two cars drunk. Who’s screwed almost every male in the NE’s social circle.

Some fucking friends.

I have no sympathy for PTSD. He’s made the choice to be a pining beta and he has to live with it. But, fuck his friends. Horrible friends. Horrible males. I could understand if it was over a good girl, but its not. This chick has problems, many problems, and having two white knights acting out their D&D fantasies on their buddy’s obsessive personality…

This is what most guys think will get them decent pussy.

Thank God for Game.

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